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“I love the fact that your body ​has a story to tell and this felt ​like a map that led from one ​thing to the next fairly ​effortlessly. I would highly and ​have highly encouraged a ​session for the Emotion Code.”


“I feel like my emotional pain ​was identified, validated, and ​released. The same emotions ​were released for my family ​member, and we experienced ​the best weekend we have ​shared in a long time!


The emotion code session was ​profound and definitely ​prepared both of us to be strong ​and resilient in this situation! ​Sending lots of love!


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Emotion Code is a powerful energy healing technique designed to identify and release trapped emotions that may be causing stress, physical discomfort, or mental blockages. By targeting and clearing these emotional barriers, you can achieve greater emotional balance, improved well-being, and a renewed sense of vitality.

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About Me

As a certified Emotion Code, Body Code, ​Rethink EFT/ Mind Renewal & Trauma ​Informed Manifestation Coach, Conni rounds ​out her certifications with her Bachelor’s ​Degree in Business Management.

Conni is very gentle and personable, and has 2 ​years of experience & currently working as a ​Staff practitioner & admin with Rethink, LLC . ​Conni loves to learn new things & some of her ​hobbies include: food photography, reading ​books & making raw vegan desserts!

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